John Perrys -

HR Specialist, Traveler, Environmentalist, Volunteer

John Perrys has worked in Human Resources for many years. 

He has gained valuable experience in 

  • Employee Relations
  • Communications
  • Performance Management
  • Customer Service
  • Internal Program Development
  • And Beyond

Currently, John Perrys is an HR Specialist with the VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach where he has earned himself high recognition from a number of honorable achievements in his field. 

To learn more about his career in HR, connect with John Perrys on Social Career Builder:


Through his career in Human Resources, John Perrys has recognized his passion for working with and helping other people. Because of this passion, John Perrys has become an active volunteer in his community. Perrys has volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and has also spent time volunteering as a baseball and football coach with the YMCA and other local teams in his town. 


Along with working with people, John Perrys is also passionate about maintaining a clean, healthy environmental for all living creatures. Over the years, Perrys has worked with and supported a number of environmental organizations to increase efforts in preserving the environment where plants, animals, and humans alike grow and thrive.  A few of the major organizations John Perrys has supported include: